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9th June 2005
I think that low level hardware library takes still some more time. ;-)

15th October 2001
I wrapped latest The Player6.1A as shared library. It is called newp61a.library-1.1.lzx (68381 bytes).
I also wrote little C++ demosystem framework using that library. Amazing name of that is CPPdemo-1.0.lzx (12105 bytes).
Source code included, public domain, enjoy! =)
The Player 6.1A was written orginally by Jarno Paananen.

1st June 2001
I am working on amycoders.library which provides fast low level hardware interface for both C and asm coders. Feel free to send questions. ;-)

16th December 2000
I have made very alpha version TinyPTC for Amiga.

Take also a look Harry's Awin, it is easy-to-use API for RTG chunky display.

New system (16th August 2000):

Working name: omasysteemi, files online, or get whole lha package (61221 bytes)

Fifth release (26th April 1999):

Even more fixes. You are able to compile it with vbcc, gcc and SAS/C. Added C2P for native screens by Scout. Get my system (41528 bytes). It is packed with new lha. Also available in uncompressed form is this directory.

Third release (20th April 1999):

Some fixes. Gcc gives now lot less warnings. Just get it (about 36kB). Hmm... Get lha (about 69kB) for windows also, if you need it. ;-)

Second release:

I created display structure instead of many global variables. Just download new version (about 21kB). And you can compile this version also with gcc. This version is Public Domain.

First release:

Here is my litle demo interface. You can download The Sys (about 24kB) archive here. You need SAS/C compiler and standard system include files to do something usefull with this. Feedback is welcome, send me email to address below.

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